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Úplná verze: How to change your phone's ringtone
Prohlížíte si holou variantu vašeho obsahu. Prohlédněte si plnou verzi s příslušným formátováním. is an application that allows you to easily create your own personalized ringtones by cutting, mixing or merging various audio files. You can also choose from a variety of themes, like sports, music, or a particular artist, and add fade and fade effects.

You can save your ringtone as MP3, ogg or wav file on your phone. You can use this ringtone for calls, notifications and alarms.

The Contacts app on an iPhone or iPad can be used to change the ringtone for any contact you have on your device. To do this, open the Contacts app, then tap the person's name and select Set RingTone.

On an Android, you can access this same feature by going to settings, then tapping on sounds and vibrations, then selecting the ringtone you want to use. From here, you can also set a different ringtone for different alerts: new voicemail, incoming mail, sent mail, or calendar and reminder alerts.